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Are you currently facing a criminal case due to drug trafficking, sale, or possession in Dallas? If you are charged with legal offenses related to illicit drugs, then it may help if you consult an experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyer who can provide you with the best strategy for succeeding in your case.

Important Facts about Drug-Related Charges in Dallas

Illicit drugs can be the major cause of legal issues linked with drug trafficking or possession in Dallas. Based on the Texas Law,dallas criminal defense lawyer illegal drugs that serve as the basis of an arrest include heroin, ecstasy, depressants, barbiturates, amphetamines, and DXM, to name a few. Drug charges may be due to the person’s intention to sell, manufacture, and or distribute illegal drugs or when these individuals have acted on such intentions.

According to the US Office of National Drug Control, North Texas, particularly the Dallas area, has been noted as a major drug trafficking area for years, among several others in the nation. Thus, Texas law enforcement set strict regulations and drug-trafficking laws to prevent the distribution, sales and manufacture of these illegal substances.

How We Can Help You

Our criminal defense lawyers in Dallas has handled numerous trials that defended individuals who were charged with drug crimes. Throughout the years, Dallas criminal defense lawyer has helped our clients by building the best defense and providing the finest legal support that has resulted in success with their case.

Dallas criminal defense attorney understand the emotional, psychological, and financial trauma that criminal cases may cause you and we do the best we can to bring back your reputation, freedom, and peace of mind by defending you in court. With our impressive track record and extensive years of experience in this field of law, you can be certain that we are the right professionals you need for your concerns.

Know your options by giving us a call today at (469) 607-1040. Your road to freedom begins with that initial consultation regarding your case.

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